April 25, 2013

#RnRslimdown WINNER

Tuesday evening I come across a post that the Country Music Marathon #CMM is running a contest called #RnRslimdown - All you have to do is tweet an instagram pic of your #before and #after.  By now you've all seen the signature before pic of me in the 3XL blue shirt from 2007, but in order to send one pic I needed to upload a file that had my after attached to it.  So I came across a facebook cover photo I had spliced together after my 2011 race season - not even at my lowest weight!

I cropped out the right side, and tweeted the left side as an instagram pic:

Congratulations, you are our #RnRSlimdown Winner!


  1. I'm a Nashville native, ya'll! I'm registered for the half, but due to foot surgery I can't run it. I'm volunteering at the finish line during the early shift. Good luck and enjoy my wonderful city!

  2. Thanks for volunteering. The volunteers were rock stars for staying out in that weather to help us get to the finish line! Hope to race again on a better day! Peace my friend.