January 24, 2016

21 day fix

In my last post listing my 2016 goals, I mentioned that I was going to spend the first 6 weeks of the year focusing on eating better and working out on a schedule.  3 weeks later I wanted to share how it's going.

For the last year I had heard lots about Beachbody, Shakeology, and "fix" workouts.  I never really took the time to look into it because I didn't think I really needed it....and I'm stubborn.  Last march Molly and I met Doug and Michelle on a work trip.  Doug works for Edward Jones also and his wife and Molly connected quickly over the topics of healthy lifestyles and extreme weight loss.  Turns out their success came largely from following this plan.

Fast forward to the end of the year and our friends Dan and Christine are also getting results from the plan and are about to begin a "challenge" with it.  Molly expressed interest, and so I decided to do it too...ya know...just to support her...cause, I don't really need it!

So, step 1 - weigh in and take measurements -
rut roh!  Turns out I do need it!

Yikes!  That's 40 pounds that I've slowly added since 2013!

Let me be the first to say - for as proud as I am that years ago I lost 100 pounds, I'm equally disappointed to have gained almost half of it back!  No one to blame but myself.  I own that, and I'm doing something about it!  I KNOW I can do it, and I will!

Step 2 - go shopping - the 21 day fix is all about clean eating.  With Molly in my corner, I knew we could do this because she does the majority of the shopping and cooking so all I had to do was eat whatever she told me!  Easy enough!

I chose not to use Shakeology, so I can't speak to that component, but I knew that if I was committed to the eating and working out, I would see results.  Speaking of drinks, I should also mention that I did NOT give up my diet soda.  I continue to drink it daily, but because the plan suggests that I have 16 cups of water per day, it was tough to drink much else if I was to get my water in!

Step 3 - plan the workouts - for me this was easy.  In prepping for a return to triathlon, it only made sense to get back in the pool and on the bike.  2 mornings a week of swimming.  2 days a week in cycling class.  Treadmill, Elliptical, and any other form of exercise on the other days with an effort to get an a.m. and p.m. workout on most days.  5:00 a.m. became the norm again!

I chose not to use the "fix" videos that come with the plan until day 20.  It was a great workout, but working out at home in front of a TV is tough for me.  I thrive on the atmosphere at the gym!

So here's how it went...

Was I hungry?  No way!  At my weight I was "allowed" to eat more food than I needed.  Turns out portion control isn't my biggest issue - quality food control is my biggest issue!  I can eat lots of food, I just need to eat lots of the RIGHT food!

Was the food good?  Are you kidding me?!  It was great.  I forgot how much I LOVE fruit and most vegetables!  Lots of chicken - lots of eggs and LOTS of Salad!!  (And yes, for the last 3 weeks I've been eating the Dole lettuce that just got recalled)

As part of the challenge, we were asked to post pics of our healthy food choices and workouts daily - check out this yumminess I've been enjoying!

So what is missing from these pictures???  SWEETS!  My sweet tooth has been twitching!  That's been the hardest part for sure.  I suppose I will probably treat myself with a concanon's donut tomorrow morning, but I do plan to continue to eat this way for the next 3 weeks leading up to our vacation!

Now for the big reveal!  Total weight loss....

17 pounds in just 21 days!

Wow!  I expected great results, but this FAR exceeded my expectations!  I will admit, I was obsessed with this process.  I never cheated.  NEVER.  Not even once!  I tracked every drop of food and was faithful with my workouts!  I also took measurements today, but they didn't seem as significant.  That is disappointing, but I'm not done, and by summer I'll be back to the beachbody I had 3 summers ago!  24.8 pounds to go!

Final thoughts!  I could NOT do this alone!  The group challenge works!  Accountability works!  But for me - having my wife with me every step of every decision of the day was the ONLY way I am able to do this!

Shout out to Team Navy!!