August 24, 2014

Perception vs Reality

Things are not always what they seem.  But as I continue to disappoint myself week after week, reality is setting in. 

This week I was unable to run the first half of the week because I had pulled a muscle in my back trying to help Carter ride his bike.  I also developed a head cold late in the week.  Add in 90% humidity and 70+ degrees at 8 a.m. yesterday for my long run, and I had a completely miserable 10 miler that took over 2 hours!  I need to come to terms with the reality that my body is simply not the same. 

I have scheduled a consultation with a local chiropractor for Tuesday morning.  In many ways, I'm hoping she tells me my running career needs to end; yet at the same time, I can't decide what the next chapter would look like.

All of that negative aside, I'm super excited to take the family to Virginia Beach next weekend for the RnR VA Beach Half!  It should be a GREAT weekend!  Next post will be the race report!

August 17, 2014

My friends ROCK

Saturday ended up being a great day to celebrate others!  I hear Mark Culp and Chris Glover both PR their 5ks and Jess Smith PR her 10k!  Most impressive though was Luke Smelser who WON his first ultra!  A 12 hour race - e.g.  How far can you run in 12 hours!  The answer by the way, is over 65 miles!  Wowsa!  Congrats Luke!

For me, I hit the greenway for another 2:30 run.  Just like last weekend.  Last weekend I logged 11.6 miles, so the goal today was to hit at least 12.  I got 12.1  Mission accomplished.  Stayed very disciplined on the run/walk strategy at the end.  The sad part was that this was my first run on the Green way since my half marathon PR  22 months ago!  That day I ran 13.1 at a sub 9 pace!  Today I ran 12.1 at over a 12:00 pace and was wiped!  My body simply isn't the same since IMLOU. 

2 more weeks until RnR Va Beach!  Looking forward to hanging out with the family on the beach more than anything! 

Thanks to Amy and Amy (who rocked 15 miles on Saturday) for letting me tag along on the long run and to Gary and Pete for the SAG help!

Not feeling so well today, so maybe a short walk later, and lots of couch time!

August 13, 2014


First post of my 40s! 
Monday was the big day; the big FOUR OH! 
Coupled with my absence as a blogger, I'm purely throwing this post out there, just to see who's watching.

My blog gets daily traffic, yet I've posted NOTHING since May!?  Interesting?  Who is finding me?  How are they finding me?  No clue, but I'm trying a new approach here.  I'm not going to promote each post like I used to on other social media sites.  AKA "Hey, everyone, look at me, I'm posting a blog, and it's probably nothing you care about, but go look anyway"  Nope, not doing that anymore, instead, I'm just going to write...journal if you will.  Just share what's on my mind and keep it real.  I hope to do this weekly, probably at the end of the weekend, and yes it will still be centered around my athletic endeavors, but I'll throw some other stuff in with a side of humor too.  So come back soon to see what's on my mind...that is...if I can remember...I mean, afterall, I am 40 now!