February 17, 2014


Start the train.  Fire up the engines.  Last call.  Fasten your seat belts.  It's time!

Well, not quite.  One week to go, but my body might be twitching with excitement.

I've gained several unwanted pounds since December and am anxious to watch them disappear.

I've been running well (for the most part) but have yet to spend any significant time in the pool or on the bike.

I literally have every mile/minute of the plan written down on a calendar covering every single day into November!  Triathlon training is the first focus gearing up for Muncie 70.3, then it shifts to all running.

Time to stock up on chocolate milk!!  It is an exciting time.  It is a stressful time.  It will require hard work and discipline.  There will be pain.  There will be tears.  There will be sacrifice.  But when it's done...it's always worth it.

So, get ready!  The obnoxious daily posts are forthcoming.  If you find them motivating, then get after it with me!  If you find them annoying, there is a handy little "unfollow" button on facebook.

But first....VIVA LAS VEGAS!!  Yep, I leave Wednesday for one last hoorah in Sin City with the boys! 
When I return...it's all hands on deck.  Full speed ahead.  No looking back.  No regrets.  No excuses.  Are you ready?  ALL ABOOOOOARD...Let's go!!