December 31, 2015


Sometimes I kid myself into thinking that I write these posts because other people want to read them. While I do hope a few of you will read this entry, I continue to update this blog for my own personal motivation and reflection.  I share it for the accountability.  And 2016 should be no different...for the most part.

So here's what's on my mind...

A week or so ago, I shared my early thoughts for 2016 with my wife.  Afterall, if I don't have her support, it could be a LONG year!  I've learned!

Once I finished sharing, and she finished digesting, she shot back with, "why does the race always have to be the goal?...why can't it just be about YOU and your HEALTH?...isn't that why you do this?"

Dangit!  I hate it when she's right!

At the end of the day, it became clear that the Boston Marathon no longer made any sense!  The ONLY reason I wanted to do Boston again was 1) to improve my time and 2) oh yeah, it's Boston.  Boston is not cheap and if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I want it to be a new and exciting "bucket list" type of experience...more on that later.

So, what am I going to do this year?  Get Healthy!

It starts with the first 6 weeks of the year!  Increase water, reduce soda, eliminate alcohol.  Increase fruits and veggies, reduce carbs and ultimately LOSE WEIGHT!   This effort will still include a daily workout including at least one strength session each week.  Molly and I are going into this year side by side sharing this weight loss goal!  And together, we WILL be successful!  (Biggest Loser starts next week)

Once we get back from New Zealand (yeah, you should be jealous), I will begin a disciplined training schedule for two races while maintaining healthy eating habits.

May 7 - Indianapolis Mini-Marathon - Mega Mini Challenge
As an ambassador for this race, I hope you'll join me and be sure to select my name as your referring ambassador when you register!  I'll be doing the Mega Mini Challenge which is both the 5k and the half marathon, back to back!  It's a great added challenge for veteran half marathoners!  I'm not putting any pressure on myself for a PR, it's all for fun and health!  Should be a blast!

July 9 - Ironman Muncie 70.3 
Yep!  After a 2 year hiatus from triathlon, it's time to get back to swim, bike, run!  As I reflect on the last 5 years, I was the healthiest and in the best physical condition going into this race in 2012 and 2013.  I am absolutely convinced that the cross training required for triathlon will get me back to where I want to be, and that's why I'll be back in the pool for the first time in 2 years starting next week!  I have not officially signed up yet because I want to be sure my health, fitness and weight goals are met first (price doesn't go up again until May).  But yes, I want to PR - under 6:15!

Beyond that we're going to leave the second half of the year to chance - I will enter the lottery for the NYC marathon (for the 4th time) and if it's meant to be, then I will gladly put the work (and money) in for this bucket list race - The lottery drawing is March 8.  If I don't get selected, then there will be no full marathon in 2016!  And I'm okay with that!

My sponsorship with Team Chocolate Milk continues in 2016, but I have not been granted any races yet.  I did request RnR Las Vegas again though, so If NYC doesn't work out, hopefully I can make a return trip to Vegas!

2016 is going to be another great year!  What are your goals?

December 6, 2015

RnR Las Vegas Race Recap

I'm quite late in posting this recap, but honestly, I don't know that there is an abundance to report.

Unlike so many of my other races, this one was all about having a GOOD time, without worrying about having a good TIME!

Molly and I traveled out on Wednesday and checked in at the Wynn late.  Enjoyed a few days there taking in some great meals and the gorgeous views and pool for about half the cost of a normal stay at the Wynn (thank you Red Card)

On Thursday Molly won tickets to a show Friday night and we walked to the expo and took in all the free goodies!

After the show Friday night, my friend Tim flew in and we stayed up late in the casino before relocating to the Luxor on Saturday.

Saturday night dinner with Tim, his girlfriend Rita, and our friend Chris who I've raced with here last time we were out for this race!  Then we all hung out dropping pennies into random machines - something they call...gambling?...never heard of it

 Strip at night is an evening race that closes the entire strip from 2pm - 10pm.  Great to sleep in, but hard to manage prerace routines.  Brunch Buffet breakfast and time to get ready.  The pre race concert was Kid Rock and was visible from the hotel room.

But the concert view was even better from the VIP area!  Thank you Team Chocolate Milk!!

 And was race time!  Chris and I worked our way to the starting corral!  It was dark, very windy, and then...sprinkles!  It was getting colder by the minute and it was a solid hour from the time we left the concert until the time we started the race!

I love this race and this course.  South past the "Welcome to Vegas" sign was straight into the wind before doing a 180 and heading North - Mile 1 was slow into the wind and Mile 2 was my fastest of the race with the wind at my back!

Molly was waiting for me by the obelisk at Luxor and by the time I got there, the rain was becoming heavy and I really expected her to have sought shelter, but nope...there she was!!  Couldn't believe she stood in the rain just to literally watch me run by!

With the wind at my back I found a great pace every single mile down the strip.  Super consistent and felt great all the way to mile 8.  My fitness level was good enough for me to really run tall and be looking around enjoying the sights and sounds.  Although to be fair, the crowds were much smaller along the course this year due to the weather.  Still plenty of crazies to keep it fun!

Miles 8, 9 and 10 are near downtown looping through some neighborhoods before you run right by Fremont Street and make the turn South back toward the heart of the strip.  The half and full are still together so the pack is thick for a good 10 miles before the fools, I mean full runners split off!

The wind was as strong as ever for the last 5k coming in and my consistent splits were now consistently 20 seconds per mile slower!  Always deceiving in Vegas to think you're closer to anything than you really are, but in this race (and with the wind), it was painful to see the finish line (or at least the hotels around it) for soooooo long before finally getting there!

With the lights in sight and the music getting louder I found another gear to finish strong!  I was within 3 minutes of my expected finish time and ran every step!

I ran with my phone, but the battery went dead during the race.  Miraculously, Molly found me within minutes of my finishing and we made our way to the VIP area!

My sponsor is truly amazing!  If you're not recovering with Chocolate Milk after your workouts, I challenge you to give it a try!  The benefits are proven, and it works for me!  Check out the post race buffet spread they set up for us!

Yes!  It does glow in the dark!
Yes!  The reels really do spin!

Final thoughts:   I absolutely LOVE this race, perhaps because I absolutely LOVE this city!  I will be back...maybe even again next year...