May 16, 2010

Feels like I'm running in circles

And that's because I am! Molly and I decided we could do our runs together today if we went to the high school track. We let the kids play in the infield (or the sand in the long jump pit) while we ran. I ran my fastest 6 miles, and Molly finished a very strong 4 miles. But, running on that track is BORING!! I'd rather run on the treadmill than on that track.

Yesterday was a great day. I participated in a 5k as part of the Muncie duathlon/triathlon series. It was my fastest 5k on a hilly course near Prairie Creek Reservoir. The next race out there is June 12 and I'm hoping Molly will go with me so she can run the 5k course and also so she can witness the atmosphere of these elite triathletes!

May is half over, and soon I'll be increasing my distances, and I think I'm ready for it!


May 9, 2010

Mini Envy

Yesterday was the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. I'm nowhere ready to do that right now, but I was really wishing I was. Many of my friends participated. Some in under 1:30 and others over 3:30, but they did it, and I was envious. I know my day is coming, and patience is not my strong suit.

I continue to impress myself with stronger and faster runs. I've played around with my pace and know how fast is "too fast". Yesterday, I pushed the limits just a bit and ran my best 3 mile in 31:23, better than a 10:30 pace! I know I've not done that since high school!

I also continue to impress others. So much so, that I've motivated two others to join me at the Monumental. Jason Linke is a friend of mine from high school, that I literally have not seen since graduation (18 years ago), but I can see on facebook that he's stayed in shape. Also, Del Brinson, who is a new friend of mine in the last couple of years from church has committed it as well. Del ran cross country in high school, but this will be the first full for all 3 of us.

And apparently, I've motivated my wife to go beyond her comfort zone. She has committed to a Sprint Triathlon here in Muncie in just 11 weeks! I'm concerned for her safety with such short prep time, but she's getting good training from her friend, Jason Roberson. And in turn, she's motivating me!

I filled in a calendar with what my running assignments are for everyday between now and race day and it's a little overwhelming, but I'm still on schedule.

Happy Mother's Day!