March 13, 2010


Today marks the beginning of DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME.

To break this word down, let's think a little differently.

DAY = Chris Day
LIGHT = Needs to get light (lose weight)
SAVING = In order to save his life
TIME = And will do so by completing a marathon in under 6 hours...TWICE!!!

Let me explain how I arrived at this...

As we change our clocks, we are often reminded to change our smoke detector batteries, change our furnace filters, change, change, change...well, I've decided to change my attitude....about my health.

I refuse to be a part of any "diet program". I am not successful being held hostage by a calorie counter, or point tracker. But, with discipline, I like my chances at achieving the above goal. The goal is simply to complete the marathon in under 6 hours. The result will certainly include better health, greater endurance, and of course weight loss.

Daylight Saving time wraps up on November 7, the day after I complete the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.

But I'm setting my training up to be ready for the Indianapolis Marathon on October 16.

...which means I'm actually planning to complete TWO MARATHONS within 3 weeks.

The training is a 20 week program that I will "officially" start on Memorial Day weekend. But I need to build up to a certain level of endurance prior to this date. I'll start around 20 miles per week and increase speed between now and Memorial Day on that schedule then I'll build to a peak of 45 miles per week before tapering off for the first race.

This will take a tremendous amount of time, but my wife says she will support my efforts. It will be a sacrifice to have to get up an hour or more earlier to go to the gym, but a drastic goal requires drastic actions.

So what happens when we "fall back" in November? Well I guess that remains to be seen, but my hope is that this becomes a lifestyle change that I can maintain for some time...I want to feel 26 again before I turn 36!

Why am I sharing this with you? Call it accountability without obligation. I expect the comments of support...and bring 'em on; but at least I'm moving.

Care to join me???


Random Facts:
I completed the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon in
2001 - in 2:33:42 - I was an ass't track coach and ran with the kids everyday! I weighed 210.
2002 - in 3:24:36 - I was a rookie broker, and sat at my desk all day! I was well over 250.
2003 - in 3:22:48 -
2004 - in 3:15:10 - I realized, at 29, this wasn't for me.

Since then my weight has flexed between 230 and 310 (when Carter was born) a couple times.
Today I weigh 280.