June 13, 2010

It's the Y Team! And it's my fault??

Motivation breeds motivation!

Yesterday was another 5k race at the reservoir as part of the Muncie Multisport Tri/Duathlon series. Unlike last time when I ran alone...this time I had the Y team with me! Who is the Y team? Well, I'm not sure to be honest, but here's a picture of us...

By now, you know I motivated Molly to sign up for the Triathlon. But did I mention she motivated a friend of hers (Tracey) to join her. Well they both thought this 5k race would be good for their training since the race is on the same course as their triathlon. Well Tracey motivated her Husband and 2 sons to join her today. And they motivated another friend, who motivated another friend to join us. And since we're all from Yorktown and work out at the Yorktown Y...we're now the Y-team!

So proud of Molly yesterday. She crushed her own expectations! I also was very pleased with my efforts. Under 10:00 pace had me at 30:48, and first in my age group! It was only the second time that I paced 3 miles under 10:00 pace. This week I also paced 4 miles under 44:00 for the first time.

The distances are still the same, but only for a couple more weeks, then we start cranking them up!