February 27, 2013


I have been so busy that I forgot to share my news here!  Are you sitting down?  I made it!  I won!  I am a sponsored athlete with Team REFUEL thanks to gotchocolatemilk.com and more importantly, thanks to YOU!  Yes, YOU!  You returned daily to vote for me everyday!  You shared my story with your friends and you rewarded me with this honor!  So what can I do for you??  I can keep doing what I do!  How does that benefit you?  Well, hopefully it motivates you or somehow inspires you to follow me!  I have lots of fun ideas for this year and hope you will accompany me on this journey!  Stay tuned for more!
Now for those that are asking where my weekly update is, it is no mistake that it didn't get posted.  Lets just say that my inability to move on Sunday contributed to this.  17 miler on Sunday held up at about 10:05 pace and I intentionally stayed off the bike most of the week!  This weekend calls for 18 and I am already over 110 for the month so needless to say, my body is talking to me.
I will be back Sunday with more details.  In the meantime I am still figuring out how this sponsorship works, so bare with me!

February 17, 2013

The "Weight" for the halfway point

Week 9 is complete and that marks the half way point to the Carmel Marathon!
This week was all about getting myself back to race weight!
I focused on my food intake by logging all of my meals on myfitnesspal.com (friend me there at iammrejir)
Myfitnesspal was my key from getting from -70 to -100 pounds, and when I am disciplined with it, it works.
Here is the proof.  After stuffing my face last Sunday night with Mexican food, I weighed in Monday morning at 224 (up 21 pounds since July!)  I had let myself go with my eating, and was starting to feel it in my clothes.  By logging my food and staying disciplined to the calorie intake, I was able to weigh in Saturday morning (post-run) at 212!  Down 12 pounds just this week, (my wife hates me for this) and only 9 pounds over my peak race weight of 203 from last summer!  I could not be more pleased with this result.  Just knowing that I can control the food and the weight is exciting to me.  I will return to the discipline of eating like it's a job during the week, and eating what I want on the weekends to maintain myself in the near term.  Should be no problem to be under 200 by July! 
The bad news is that when you control back your calories, you are playing with what your body can do physically.  Think of every calorie as a unit of energy.  With less energy, the workouts become all the more difficult.  Because last weeks long run was on Sunday I had one less day to get the workouts in. 
Monday was a great 4 miler on the treadmill followed immediately by a 50 minute spin class.  But sadly, that was the only good thing for the week. 
Tuesday I attempted the bike, but the legs wouldn't cooperate, and I only got in 10 minutes and a 20 minute video.  Wednesday I set out for my 7 miler and was only able to run through mile 5 and had to walk mile 6 home.  With two workout fails in a row, I decided to take Thursday and Friday completely off as rest days to prep for the long run on Saturday.  This week we only did 13.1.  The weather was cold and windy, and I felt fine through mile 6, during mile 7 we came up a slight hill and then into the wind, and as I leaned forward to move up the hill and into the wind, my back basically quit.  The tightness was too much to bear in a running motion, so I began a strict and disciplined run/walk approach of walking 0.1 and running either .15 or .40 depending on what I could manage.  It was miserable, and the voices in my head were reminding me of the longer miles yet to come this year, and made me question what I may be capable of.  I pushed through the pain and the voices, and finished the distance, but it was not ideal.
The back is still tight this morning and I will likely stay off the bike again today.
We will play next week by ear, but the distances go up again to 4, 8, 4, and the long run of 17!  I'm actually really looking forward to the 17, but hoping the weather cooperates.  The biggest negative to training for a Spring marathon is certainly the cold winter long runs!
Have a good week friends!

February 10, 2013

8 weeks of training - DONE!

Wow!  8 weeks down, and 10 to go to the Carmel Marathon!  That remains the focus and this week it was obvious as everything else took a back seat!
I made it to Dale's spin class again on Monday, and had every intention of cycling again this week but it didn't happen.  I was so committed to swimming on Thursday morning that I went to set out my swim trunks on Wednesday night only to find that they were MISSING!  Molly found them Thursday afternoon in Emma's room in a pile of clean clothes that didn't get put away.  I was genuinely upset about it, and needless to say didn't make it to the pool all week. 
I did get an extra 3 hours of dancing in though!  Thanks to the My Girl Gala(s) with Morgan on Wednesday night and Emma on Thursday night! 
In all seriousness, the running miles were spot on.  4 on Tues, 7 on Wed, 4 on Fri and FIFTEEN MILES today!  Was very pleased with today's effort on the 15 miler at sub ten pace! 
Finally, I am going to "try" to have a good food week and see if I can tip the scale down a few notches this week!  Stay tuned!

February 3, 2013

Lucky #7

Week 7 is in the books, and the back pain is...back.
It really was a good week as I focused on the run again.  Monday morning I got 2200 yards in the pool and found time to get 4 miles outside.  Tuesday was still warm, so I found 7 miles outside.  Wednesday was a great chance to get back to spin class.  Was not sure I would get a bike, but was glad I got one especially since I had already done 20 miles over 3 straight days.  Thursday morning I got up early to get 4 miles on the treadmill.  Friday was a welcome rest day in prep for the long run on Saturday!  14 mph winds, 14 degrees, and 14 miles!  Surprisingly I felt pretty good considering the conditions.  Unfortunately, I was freezing when I got home, and opted to hide under the covers.  Probably should have cooled down more with a longer walk and some light stretching.  Within a couple hours I could barely walk!  I thought walking around Sams club would help, but that wasn't the case.  In fact, it probably made it worse.  A muscle relaxer and a good night sleep was once again the magic cure.  I finished the training week with an hour on the bike trainer. 
Total time 7 hours 23 minutes - 61.52 miles!