April 7, 2013

A week to remember, Henry County Half Race Report, and let the taper begin...

Two weeks from today I will be a four time marathon finisher!  But the challenges of getting to this point of my journey were highlighted this week in multiple ways.  My roller coaster journey this week has 5 key moments.

Moment #1 - A BSU Senior majoring in Journalism is writing a magazine article about my journey.  Progress, success, weight loss, fitness, lifestyle, etc.  She visited me for a second time and spent over 30 minutes with me this week interviewing me for the article.  Her questions allowed me a time of reflection that I don't often take.  I dug out some old photos, showed her I use (and obsess) about my Garmin watch and data, and shared my goals for the future.  It was great!  I will be sure to share it when it is complete.

Moment #2 - Team REFUEL granted me free entry into the Nashville Rock n Roll Country Music Half Marathon.  This will be my first official race representing team refuel.  I hope my gear arrives in time for Carmel, but Nashville will be extra special, and will be a reward race for me personally after completing Carmel full the weekend before.  Making it extra special, is that Pete has agreed to road trip and race with me!  We're gonna "rock" it...country style!

Moment #3 - While volunteering at a local fundraiser, an acquaintance of mine rudely interrupted a conversation I was having to say to me, "I'm surprised to see your belly still hanging over your pants a bit there with all that I read in the newspaper about you losing weight" - Wow!  I didn't know what to say, so I laughed it off, and said, "yeah, I call it my winter padding", and walked away.  I tried to let it go, but the longer I thought about it, the more it got to me.  Totally ruined my evening.  After sleeping on it, I decided to post about it and was overwhelmed by the support of my friends.  Thank you all for reminding me of how hard I have worked to get here, and that this journey is mine and mine alone.  My good friend GT reminded me of this at lunch the next day.

Moment #4 - Saturday, I raced the Henry County Half Marathon in the cold, wind and hills of New Castle.  The race was intended to be a training race for Carmel, so we kept it that way, and just focused on our training pace.  Was great to run with Pete in a race setting, and have Chuck there as well.  I said all along I wanted to crush the last mile (redemption for Sam Costa), and that's exactly what we did.  Sprinting the last half mile into the wind.  I had lots of legs left for a fast finish and a 8:35 last mile.  My second fastest official half marathon - 2:04:09 - This was the confidence I needed to know that I've got plenty in the tank for another 13.1 in just two weeks.

Moment #5 - Yesterday I noticed that a good friend of ours had to miss her 15k training race as she gears up for her first half marathon.  I offered my help in pacing her today so that she could have the chance to get out and complete the distance without having to go it alone.  I was thankful she accepted the offer, and this morning we headed out for the long run together.  I was very proud of her as I witnessed her pushing through some very strong winds, and holding onto a very consistent 13:25 pace over 10 MILES.  Yes, she pushed through the 15k distance to reach double digit miles WITHOUT WALKING.  I didn't do anything for her, it was all her doing!  But I got to be there with her, and I hope that in some way it helped her.  I know how much it means to me to have someone faster than me hanging back and running my pace with me.  It was what I needed to do to "pay it forward".  

We completed the run with Chocolate Milk toast!  None of these moments were part of the "plan", but they are all part of the journey!  My journey!  Thankfully, what is on the plan...is THE TAPER...Ahhhh!

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