December 31, 2012

Week Two

Christmas turned out to not be the biggest problem of the week - we'll get to that.
Got a good swim in on Christmas Eve, and chased it that evening with a solid 3.5 mile run.
Christmas Day was a welcome break
Wednesday morning I was right back in the pool and got my workout done just before they closed the Y due to a looming blizzard!  Got 40 minutes in on the trainer before the day was done.
Thursday I found 5 miles late on the treadmill at the Y before I enjoyed a rest day on Friday!
Saturday was 80 minutes on the trainer, but I skipped the drills and just spun easy.
Sunday I met my match.  9 miles was the run plan for the marathon, and Pete had already done his, so I had to go for it!  On snow and ice covered roads, I ventured out in the 18 degree wind and slipped my way around town for 89 minutes!  Everything felt good...until...yep, as soon as I stopped moving and sat down - BACK PAIN - AGAIN!  This was one of the worst ones that kept me on my back and side nearly all day.  2 muscle relaxers helped a good night sleep, but the end of this cold had me coughing through the night to the point that Molly left the room at 2 a.m.!  Monday I woke up feeling better, but as of late this afternoon the pain is back!  I scheduled an appointment for Monday with CIO.  It's time to figure this out!

December 23, 2012

Week 1 Complete...mostly

Well, week 1 did not go "exactly" as planned.  Here is a quick recap.

Monday - swim only = problem 1 - NO GOGGLES!
Seriously, Sunday night I'm getting my things together for a Monday morning pool swim and discover that I'm missing my goggles.  I recall having lost them at Steelhead, and having to borrow Morgan's for the September Sprint Tri, but I don't recall buying a new pair - because I didn't!  FAIL!
So after a quick trip to Dunham's, we're now set for a Tuesday swim!

Tuesday - I just swam for 35 minutes, and boy are my arms tired!!
But then I had to do the regular workout too, so the evening run and bike still took place, but I cut them both a little short.  The treadmill was in order for the run, and the trainer left much to be desired.

Wednesday - I bailed on the swim from doing all three disciplines yesterday, but knew I had to get out for a run.  Bad weather was about to move in, so Pete and I hit to the streets for a cold 5 miler which was what the marathon plan called for.  Unfortunately, I had some pretty bad back pain after I got home and relaxed.

Thursday and Friday were completely out of the question as Molly has surgery, and I was taking care of the kids and off of work myself.  The driving back and forth to Indy took too much time, so I knew I had to have a good weekend.

Saturday run ended up on the treadmill, and was to be 8 miles.  I ended up running 6 and walking 2, but at least the back held up with no real problems.

Sunday was the longest trainer ride to date at 80 minutes.  I was ready to get off at 50, but knew I had to get the time in, and felt very accomplished when it was all done!

Next week is Christmas, so it's not going to get any easier to stay on the plan, but we'll do our best!

December 16, 2012

12/17 = 18=26.2 and 36=140.6

Call it new math, call it fate, call it crazy, but on Dec 17, I will begin two simultaneous training programs. 
An 18 week marathon training plan leading me up to the Carmel Marathon in April
A 36 week full Ironman training plan that will lead up to the Louisville Ironman in August

The Carmel Marathon (my entry compliments of Indiana Vein Specialists) will be my 4th full marathon, and is already on the calendar as an official 2013 race, but the Ironman still has an * next to it.

The * is all about staying healthy!  If I can get to Spring Break and still be on track with my training and feeling good, then I will take the plunge and go for the ultimate finish line to become an Ironman, but I have concerns about my back sustaining the punishment of the training.

If you're at all curious - this is the plan outline I intend to follow. Obviously I'll have to make adjustments on the fly, but this should be more than enough to get me to the finish line.

On run days I will be sure to hit the required mileage according to the Higdon Novice 2 plan

So that's the plan!  2 full weeks of rest should have me ready to begin the journey.  

Check back next Sunday for a regular weekly update!  Happy Holidays!

December 7, 2012


The Las Vegas Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon is dubbed STRIP AT NIGHT!  The play on words was enough to get my attention, but when my buddy Pete said he and his wife Amy were renewing their vows at DURING the race, I knew I had to be there!  Pete and Amy are two of my biggest supporters including traveling to Michigan with us this summer for the Ironman Steelhead 70.3 race, and this was just one way to give back   -  and besides, it's not like I need an excuse to go to Vegas in December!

Free flights booked with skymiles on Delta, Hotel room for 2 nights at Planet Hollywood costs as much as the race entry itself, throw in a few meals, and Molly and I figured out how to do this trip pretty cheap - and quick!  We're out of Fort Wayne on Saturday morning, connecting through Detroit and arrive in Vegas by 1.  Quick shuttle to the hotel to check in and a walk to the Mirage in the 70 degree sunshine for the mandatory wedding meeting at 3.  Pete and Amy came out Thursday night with her sister Brenda and brother in law Jesse. Grabbed a quick bite at the California Pizza Kitchen, bet on some ponies, and met up with our friend Chris Cook to walk over to the Venetian for packet pickup!  Enjoyed the expo for a good hour or more including shooting a commercial for Chocolate Milk (more on that later), and then back to the hotel to drop everything off and head out to Fremont Street for dinner.

Met up with Team Olson and took the Deuce downtown.  I knew Pete would love Fremont Street, and it did not disappoint.  First order of business - cheap buffet!  After fueling up, second order of business was entertainment, and the Queen show on the canopy was outstanding!  Molly and I also had to pose for a pic at the 4 Queens, a tradition that started the first time we came in 1996!  Next up - cheap gambling - $3 Craps and $1 Roulette, and we both won!  Late night bus ride back, and lights out by 11 pm (that's 2 a.m. where we woke up)

Slept in Sunday morning, found some breakfast sandwiches downstairs, Molly went back to sleep, and I took a walk, pulled a few levers and bet on the Colts to win.  Lunch at PRB Rock Bar while watching the Colts game, and back to the room to get ready just in time to watch the Colts win, pocketing me an extra $36!

Walked down to the start line and met up with the YRC gang as the full marathon started at 3 pm!  Molly left us and headed to NYNY to witness the wedding ceremony while the rest of us headed to the starting corrals.  Over 32000 athletes, and the herding of the cattle was on!  Enjoyable and high energy as our wave approached the start and darkness set in on the Strip for the 4:30 start.

As exciting as it was the only disappointing part was the first 3 miles were just an easy jog as all of the couples had to arrive at NYNY together for the ceremony.  We jogged easy and stopped off for some pics at the Welcome to Vegas sign.  Then carried on to the ceremony and waited for everyone to arrive!

The ceremony was wonderful.  Pete surprised her with a new anniversary band for her ring.   Renewals first, Wedding second, 3 minutes, I do, I do, I like it, put a ring on it, kiss it, and let's go!  Confetti is flying and true love is witnessed when Amy tells Pete, you boys go on and have a good time....and that's exactly what we did!

The on course entertainment was very good.  Especially on the strip.  We stopped often for pictures in various places in crazy poses.  But the one took that cake was running INTO the Riviera casino and actually placing a bet!  Only one roulette table open at the time.  I put $5 on 13 and $10 on black - Pete put $10 on 13 and $10 on red - Pete takes my picture here and was lucky he didn't have his phone taken away.  RED 30 - Pete wins $10 and cashes in his $20 for a push, I lost!  But that was 4 minutes well spent just to tell this story!

We said all along we didn't care about our time, and continued to jog easy at around a 10:30 - 11:00 pace, stopping at least once every mile for more pics.  The course turns back south into a headwind that was 20+ mph sustained.  Not so much fun!  My feet hurt, and my legs were tired, mostly from walking around the strip on Saturday and Sunday, but we pushed on, and finished with a respectable 2:52.  Seriously - considering we stood around at the wedding for 15 plus minutes, and with all the starting and stopping, it's impressive we didn't take 4 hours to finish the thing!  

The finish line was wonderful in the lights with the music pumping and the lights flashing.  People are packed shoulder to shoulder 4, 5, 6 deep.  Thankfully since I ran with my phone, I could call Molly to locate her.  The finish area was well stocked, and quite long.  But the bling - well the bling - GLOWS IN THE DARK!  Tell me you got a medal cooler than that?  Nope!  You don't!  IT IS AWESOME!

 Molly and I returned to the hotel and enjoyed the buffet there before heading to bed.  In bed by 11, and the alarm set for 3:15 a.m.!  For some reason it didn't go off, but Molly woke up at 3:37!  Shuttle picking us up at 4 a.m., and somehow we made it!  6 a.m. flight was not my finest idea, but was ready to get home on a Monday before the kids got off the bus.  That was until we landed in Detroit to learn our flight home was cancelled.  After going round and round with Delta, we surrendered to a $250 rental car to drive to Fort Wayne.  Made it there before our standby flight even left Detroit, but we were told it was not likely we would get out of Detroit until Tuesday morning (not an option).  The remaining drive home was uneventful.

An amazing weekend trip - on the ground less than 48 hours, and we packed it all in - 4 days later, I'm still not caught up on sleep!  STRIP AT NIGHT!  AWESOME!

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