March 12, 2011


Some things are noticeably different over the course of a year, while others seem unchanged. How about you? Have you changed much in the last year? Is your health any better? Relationships strengthened? Faith renewed? Or are still waiting to "get around to it"? We are all busy in our own little microcosms of the world, but where are our priorities? I don't proclaim to have all or any of the answers. I believe the only one that can determine that for you! But if you've followed my story over the last year, perhaps I at least got you thinking a little? Or, maybe you're still laughing at me.


You can look at my post from exactly one year ago, when I profoundly stated (at nearly 300 pounds) that I was going to change my life when I changed my clocks.

We all have to change our clocks tonight, and what better time to change your life. I challenge you. I dare you. Make a change. It doesn't have to be the crazy marathon goal that I had. It could be your first 5k. It could be your commitment to attend church regularly. It could be your decision to leave that lame job behind and seek a new adventure ( There are no bad ideas when we're talking about personal change. Inspire yourself first, and you can inspire others! I believe in you! If this fat kid can do it, so can you!


March 1, 2011

Y Weight?

That was the question, and I didn't have an answer...

I got an email on Feb 24 stating that if I signed up for the Y weight challenge, I could get 50% off. The original cost for a couple was $300, and we could get it for half that. We also had some Y bucks saved, so were getting an AMAZING deal. No excuses!

So what do we get for that price? Well, I'm honestly not exactly sure, but here is what I do know...

YMCA partnered with BSU exercise science and sports administration classes to create the Chase Charlie into Shape program. I have been assigned two BSU students to work with. One of them will be my Personal trainer for 16 sessions over the next 10 weeks. I will attend group exercise classes, with BSU students, and YMCA instructors. I will attend nutrition education classes. And I will be monitored regularly on a weekly basis. This is not a competition against others, but rather against ourselves. We will be rewarded points based on our activities, and those points can translate into prizes.

We started last night with some introductions of the class, but tonight we did our pretesting.
It was very extensive. Here is what I learned.
Resting Heart Rate - 63 bpm
Blood Pressure 124 / 80
Weight 252 (up 12 since the full marathon)
Total Cholesterol 155 (yes, they took my blood)
BMI 32.42
21% Body Fat (after many skin fold tests)
They also measured waist and hips, but I don't remember those numbers.
They tested flexibility with a sit and reach test that I measured zero on (better than negative)
Curlups test was a little different, but 23 of a maximum 25
Pushups test required a specific form including chest to towel and back up, and therefore I did ZERO!
I have communicated my desire to stick with my running schedule and the need to focus on strength training and flexibility, and my trainer has agreed to help me with these areas. My trainer will build a workout plan for me each week that their professor must sign off on.
I'm very excited. I have never had a personal trainer before. Molly is on board as well.
The 10 weeks ends the week of the mini marathon, so this will be the biggest push I've ever made to improve my overall physical fitness.