September 23, 2012

Chase Charlie - Catch Charlie!

Today was all about going FAST!  Chuck Alfrey came up just to pace me through this race knowing that he could settle me into a successful pace.  The goal was to go under 25:00 which is about 8:02 pace, and I was confident I could get the job done.  So much so that Chuck said "Let's destroy it".
We were out of the gate like a dog on a rabbit, Looked down to see a 6:xx pace, only to hear Chuck yelling at me, "Settle, settle!"  (like I was said dog), I watched my Garmin tick back into the 7:xxs and decided I was comfortable there.  He talked me through the whole thing.  Mile 1 was 7:24 and I felt good, but at the half way point we made the turn at the scramble light and it was uphill a bit on McKinley.  Mile 2 was 7:49.  Quick math says I can do a 9 minute mile and break 25:00.  Just then Chuck says "don't settle" - it was like he knew - so we pressed on with him pulling away just enough to get me to go with him.  He tells me we are 8:03 on this mile and need to pick it up to press it under 8, and we did!  I had a little burst with a quarter mile to go, but decided it was too early.  Chuck really wanted me to go, but I knew I couldn't.  Once we were inside the stadium I picked it up just a little more and Mile 3 was a 7:46.  Now rounding the corner to the finish line I can see the time clock and it still says 23:xx - WE'RE GOING TO BREAK 24! - And we did,

23:44 is the new PR and was good enough for 3rd place male age 30-39!  How bout them apples!

To celebrate - we went for a 10 mile run!  Yes, I'm serious!

September 7, 2012


I'm sure you've returned to my blog daily for an update of last weekend's final triathlon of the season!  Sorry to keep you waiting, I've been buy polishing my award!  OH YEAH!  You heard me!  THIS GUY earned a spot on the podium!

I told myself there was only to be one speed today and it was FAST!  I was in and out of the water in personal record time, and flew through T1 with the determination of the winner.  The bike was BLAZING fast, and for the first time averaged 20 mph!  LEGIT!  The run worried me after the early effort, but I thrived!

The drama came as the results were posted and I was listed as 7th out of 10 in my age group.  Upon further review, several athletes were listed as recording bike splits over 28 mph!  I don't think so!  Indeed, they had CUT THE COURSE! guessed it 3 guys in my AG were DQ'd ... thus giving me THIRD PLACE among men 35-39!

Ironically, I had just posted days earlier that I would never find the podium, and should therefore seek Clydesdale races - scratch that!  I can race with the big boys!

Check out the improvement over the last 3 years - wonder what I can do in 2013???

In the effort to lose more weight and stay FIT, I am committing myself for one month to tracking my food, and workouts as I embark on my first ever Fitness Program.

INTENSITY is a 4 week-8 session course at the Y that my friend April is teaching!  It is sold out to 21 athletes with prerequisites for enrollment.  The first class was at 5:30 a.m this past Wednesday, and as I type this 60 hours later, I am STILL sore!  Squats, box jumps, and walking planks in the shadows of the street lights at this hour is all new ground for me!  But, I'm up for the challenge!  Bring it!  Stay tuned for weight updates all month!  (213 today)