April 14, 2013

First Choice 5k recap and the final countdown to marathon #4

This week I took it about as easy as I could by only running once for 3 miles until yesterday's 5k race.  First Choice for Women hosted their annual Walk for Life.  Thanks to their amazing staff and especially their administrative assistant (AKA, my wife), a 5k was added to the event which was also moved to Yorktown.
I had created the course myself, and while that might play into my favor, the engine just wasn't as strong today.
It once again was cold and windy, but I stretched out early as hard as I could and found a 7:43 first mile, but knew right away that I didn't have a PR in me today.  The second mile fell off to 8:16 and the final mile an 8:35 to wrap up a 25:25 time (8:12 pace).  I enjoyed sharing the race with a number of friends, and could not be more proud of my wife for her organization of an event that is sure to grow.
So today was the last real training run, an 8 miler that I shared with Olson's and Thomas'.  A 9:35 pace is pretty strong for a week out, but felt so good that the last mile was a sub 9 pace.  Sadly, I made a classic mistake of ending the run at the car, and that meant no walking cool down, and no stretching.  Once I was home, showered, refueled and rested...I couldn't move!  Even at this hour my back still hurts!
Tonight begins a daily log of my activity, diet and thoughts as race day approaches.  This is primarily for my own reflective and learning purposes to look back on for future races to see what worked and what didn't.
Today's activity was obviously very good (until I stopped), and my diet was exactly what I wanted.  Granola bar before the run, granola bar and chocolate milk after the run.  For lunch I had only a serving of pineapple.  No snacking at all, and an early dinner of papa John's pepperoni pizza, breadsticks and cinnapie!  (yum)  Only one cup of diet mt dew, and LOTS of water!  It's 8 pm as I finish this and I plan to be in bed shortly after 9 with hopes of waking up with no back pain.
The countdown is on...

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