January 21, 2012


Last year, I participated in the Bop to the Top - A stair climbing race up the OneAmerica Building - 36 floors, 790 steps, 500 feet, STRAIGHT UP! My time last year was 8:43 - I was pretty pleased with that. My legs were fine, but breathing was difficult.

So, this year I thought, why not do it THREE TIMES! They call it the TRIPLE BOP! You have no more than 3 hours to complete the climb three times. LET'S GO!

First run - 7:33!!!! Couldn't believe it, a full minute faster than last year! Wonder if I can do it again?

Second run - 7:43!!! Wow, very pleased with myself, only dropped 10 seconds! Any chance I can do it again in under 8?

Third run - 7:46!!!!! Woo Hoo! I WAS PUMPED! Great consistency. I really am just that much stronger this year!

Total time 23:04 was good for 51st place out of the 109 crazies that did the triple. Over 1000 competed in the individual competition where I would've been 4th in the 225+ pound division, except for the fact that I weigh less than 225 now! YES. I. DO!

That'll be enough stairs for now thanks.

January 3, 2012

Playing the Lottery!

Well, it only costs $11, so why not - I've thrown my name into the NYC Marathon lottery!

Confirmation: You have successfully applied for entry for the ING New York City Marathon 2012, Your entry number is 882085. Please write down your entry number or print and save this confirmation page in your records as you will need this number in the future.

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Don't know that it is a resolution, but I am going for 2012 miles in 2012. However, this year it will be both run and bike; and treadmill and spin bike miles count! Should be an easy goal to reach if I can stay healthy - That being said, I am going to commit to making better food choices! I must watch my calories in and will use My Fitness Pal to help me do it. All of this running and cycling needs to pay show on the scale and my eating habits are killing those efforts. So here's to a new year of better eating
Goal = 200 pounds by Ironman 70.3! Stay tuned!