February 20, 2015


What have I been doing the last 4 weeks you ask?  Not much, just losing 4% of my weight!  You?

If you're not familiar with DietBet, you really should check it out.

My wife successfully completed a challenge last year, and I  was always intrigued by the site, but never felt like I had the need for it...until...I found about 20 unwanted pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years!

With the Boston Marathon on the calendar 13 weeks away, I decided this would be a great time to give it a shot!  So 4 weeks ago, I enjoyed one last extra large, carb loaded, pasta dinner at Olive Garden and signed up for a diet bet game!

I have no idea what "The Bert Show" is, but it was a popular game that ended up with 2190 players at $25 each for a total pot of $56,775!

The concept is simple.  Meet your goal of losing 4% in 4 weeks and share the pot with all the other winners!  I was able to lose 12.4 pounds and crushed the 4% goal!

When you pay your money, you're given a "word of the day".  You must then submit a picture of your weight on the scale with the word of the day visible, as well as a full body head-to-toe in lose fit clothing shot.  I employed my wife's help for this photo.  Ugh!  Let's just say, I will NOT be sharing that before photo.  The photo made it clear that I needed to do this to get back on track!

So being a male, I hear it all the time, men lose weight easier than women, but I had porked up pretty good for this weigh in, so within the first week, I dropped quite a bit, but I especially enjoyed weighing in on Saturday morning's after my long run!  (dehydration!)

I did focus on my nutrition regularly, but I rarely skipped something if I wanted it!  I ate like it was a job during the week, and ate what I wanted on the weekends.  Of course my running schedule is very high right now, so that certainly helps!  Long story short, I met my 4% by the end of the 3rd week, so then just had to maintain the 4th week....nah, I lost more!

I'm very excited that I was able to focus on a goal and achieve it in 28 days.  Now I'm only 10 pounds away from my Ironman Louisville weight with 60 days until the Boston Marathon!

So, how did the winning play out?  Well...I won my $25 back plus an extra $13.19 for a total of $38.19!  Sure, I'm not retiring on it, but it was still fun!