January 27, 2013

Week #6/18 and #6/36

1/3 of the way through marathon training and 1/6 of the way to my first Ironman!

For as normal as this week was, it was actually anything but normal. And yet, this is the way things may be for awhile!  Monday was a day off, so I had no excuse in the pool.  For the first time I completed the entire long workout.  I often take the shorter alternate set.  The sense of accomplishment was quite high though it was only 2500 yards.  Monday night I had a chance to go to Connersville and take a spin class with my mom, so I just had to go for it!  The instructor, Tara, is a high school classmate and we went to church together for years.  She does a great job, and I really enjoyed it too.
Tuesday and Thursday were solid runs, but they were on the treadmill, and Thursday's 6 had to be in the morning since I had percussion practice that night. 
Wednesday and Friday ended up being bike days, with Friday being the (quasi) long ride.  With being out of town Saturday I had no choice but to run on Sunday which meant moving the bike to Friday afternoon.  It was supposed to be 1:45, but I only got an hour in. 
Sunday's run was as good as any I have had for quite a while, and after holding 8 steady at 10 or under pace, I cranked out a 8:53 last mile! 
Next week the base runs go up a mile and the long run is to be 14!  no clue what to expect with that, but I'm ready to find out! 

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