February 3, 2013

Lucky #7

Week 7 is in the books, and the back pain is...back.
It really was a good week as I focused on the run again.  Monday morning I got 2200 yards in the pool and found time to get 4 miles outside.  Tuesday was still warm, so I found 7 miles outside.  Wednesday was a great chance to get back to spin class.  Was not sure I would get a bike, but was glad I got one especially since I had already done 20 miles over 3 straight days.  Thursday morning I got up early to get 4 miles on the treadmill.  Friday was a welcome rest day in prep for the long run on Saturday!  14 mph winds, 14 degrees, and 14 miles!  Surprisingly I felt pretty good considering the conditions.  Unfortunately, I was freezing when I got home, and opted to hide under the covers.  Probably should have cooled down more with a longer walk and some light stretching.  Within a couple hours I could barely walk!  I thought walking around Sams club would help, but that wasn't the case.  In fact, it probably made it worse.  A muscle relaxer and a good night sleep was once again the magic cure.  I finished the training week with an hour on the bike trainer. 
Total time 7 hours 23 minutes - 61.52 miles!

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