January 13, 2013


This felt like a real training week for both run and bike, but once again, I have failed to find the pool!  The long run was 11 and I was pleased to run it all.  The long bike was 1:45 and the drills were exhausting!  The only back pain was around mile 7 on the run, but I fought through it, and today it felt fine on the bike. 

I think it's time to get serious about the weight again.  The Holidays are over, and this looks like a good week coming up to stay on track.  I'd like to hit all the workouts too, but I can see some conflicts that will probably prevent the perfect week.

And finally...How good is chocolate milk?  Seriously, the contest is going well, and I'm really enjoying promoting the video, myself, and contest.  I just wish there was a valid way to track my progress. 
Have you voted yet?   http://www.gotchocolatemilk.com/applicant/christopher-day

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