January 19, 2013


Mother and son lose weight

Chris Day in 2012 after losing 107 pounds and completing a race. (Contributed)

Saturday, January 19, 2013 2:05 AM EST
A decision to get into shape by a 1992 Connersville High School graduate has led to the loss of more than 100 pounds and the desire to compete in a full triathlon.

Chris Day, currently living in Yorktown, is seeking to win sponsorship from Team Refuel with help from his friends in order to compete in the Ironman contest. He is a financial adviser for Edward Jones.

“Team Refuel is an organization of athletes created as a sponsorship from chocolate milk,” Day said. “The old ‘Got Milk?’ slogan that has been around forever is now ‘Got Chocolate Milk?’ It now has its own branding and created this program because chocolate milk has become one of the most recommended and preferred drinks after a workout.”

By earning a sponsor on the team, Team Refuel will pay for entry to races, he said.

“I weighed 310 pounds and over the course of the past three years, I’ve gotten into shape to run multiple marathons and most recently training for an Ironman contest. I was at a race in Las Vegas and talked with the people at the chocolate milk booth. I created a video and I’m a finalist,” he said. “Voting is this month only.”

There are 108 finalists throughout the country with the top five earning a spot on the team, he said. It’s all about voting online.

“My mother has a fascinating story of her own in that when she was my age, she lost 100 pounds,” Day said. “Not too many families can say they have two people lose 100 pounds each. She slipped like all of us but is back in the gym and doing a remarkable job of doing it again.”

The obsession of logging workouts and progress is from his mother, Karen Day, who still lives in Connersville, he said.

“I had two kids and no energy,” Karen said. “At that time I counted calories and exercised. I lived at the Jazzercise in the 4-H Building. It was my home away for home.”

Unfortunately, some weight came back and about 15 years ago I lost 60 pounds, she said. Currently, the weight loss effort is now at 50 pounds. Losing the 60 pounds involved counting fat grams and exercise.

“Unfortunately, exercise is part of anything although I do better with the exercise than the not eating,” she said. “This time, I’m trying to do it healthier by reducing carbohydrates and increase protein and still do a lot of exercise.”

She said there is no interest in running marathons but she just uses weight machines at Anytime Fitness and has recently begun an aerobics class at HealthWorks.

“The hardest part is getting started and the second hardest is once you get there, is staying there,” Karen said. “Once your mind is to the point you don’t have to lose, you slack off. I have to keep telling myself I’m not where I need to be so I stick with it. Whatever mental games work, you have to play.”

By losing weight, she said self esteem rises and there is a change in life’s outlook.

Chris’ weight issue began when he and wife Molly began having a family, Day said. There is a lot of time being at the desk gaining weight.

“When our last child was born in 2007, my wife and I agreed we needed to do something,” he recalled. “In March 2010, I started and made a journaled effort. It was as simple as walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes because I couldn’t run for 30 seconds. I was the heaviest guy in the gym.”

The YMCA built a facility in Yorktown just down the street from his home which ended any excuse-making for not working out, he admitted.

In the fall of that year after losing 50 pounds, he ran a marathon. 2011 become the year to become competitive when he ran the Chicago marathon, he said. Triathlons occupied his time in 2012.

The lowest weight he reached was 203 pounds, and once he accomplished that, he completed a half-Ironman. The goal is now a full Ironman which would be in August in Louisville, Ky. If sponsorship is gained through Team Refuel, that will pay for the entry fee which is $500-$600, Chris said.

“It’s a bucket list thing and not something I want to do every year,” he admitted. “I want to call myself an Ironman and move on. My wife is now employed by Ironman as director of volunteers. We have a half Ironman race in Muncie and she finds volunteers and sponsors.”

Molly completed the Indy Mini Marathon in 2012, her first, Chris said. A sister has completed a full marathon and now it’s deep in the family.

Losing the weight and becoming fit has brought about a positive change in his health including lower blood pressure and cholesterol. 

“I am on no medications now,” he said. “My doctor calls me his most boring case. I had been on medicines for reflux and heartburn and I had sleep apnea because my neck was so fat. I snored and now I don’t. I have a lot more energy. I work out at 5:30 in the morning so when I get to the office, I’ve been up and I’m fired up and ready to go. I’m a lot more productive at work.

“The good thing is, when you burn as many calories as I do, you get to eat more.”

Mother and son will be attending a HealthWorks class Monday when he has a day off work.

To vote for Chris Day, go to iadviseu.blogspot.com and then go to “Click here to vote for me for Team Refuel.”

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