January 20, 2013

Week #5 recap

Monday's have turned into a "rest" day lately because of the long runs and bikes on the weekend!  A certain someone whose name rhymes with Pete reminded me that a triathlon had 3 parts and I had yet to do ANYTHING this year that resembled swimming.  This was the guilt that I needed!  It stuck with me all day Monday, and so I forced myself to get to the Y after work.  1800 yards was all I could muster, but it was 1800 more than I had planned on doing.
Tuesday went according to plan with a run and ride before going to percussion rehearsal.  Wednesday was on the bike, and Thursday was a good 6 on the treadmill at 5:30.  It was the first time I'd gotten up early to work out this month.  But looking ahead I knew it was the only chance to get it in due to a busy Thursday evening.
Friday's rest day was wonderful, and I took the prep for Saturday's long run very seriously.  Saturday was above freezing, but with heavy winds.  Pete and I knocked out 12 miles with a 10:20 first half and 10:00 back half.  Today with tired legs I went after the trainer for 2 hours and 15 minutes!  And yes, it was as painful as it sounds.  T
The back is causing me some grief, but I'm not too alarmed remembering that the plan calls for the long bike on Saturday and long run on Sunday but I switched them in accordance with the weather.
Tomorrow should be fun - headed to Connersville for a spin class with my mom which is taught by my high school classmate Tara Henry!  Should be fun!

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  1. Monday usually became a rest day for me too. A good day to do some yoga and get on the foam roller. Key is consistency and stick to a schedule that works for you! Recovery is where you see your fitness gains! Go Chris!