July 1, 2012

Race week - Sunday

I am going to post every detail of every day that I can remember this week so that I can look back and relive this week often. Check back daily to follow along with me. Yesterday was the Four for the Fourth race here in Yorktown so the race team and I were busy from 5 am on with much stress and on our feet all day. This caused me to miss my workout yesterday and feel tired today, but I did have to get some time in today so I set out around 9:30 for a 10k run. It was already in the 80s with high humidity and I was a hot mess by mile 4 so opted to walk/run every quarter the last 2.2. My back gave me some fits after pulling a muscle yesterday. After lunch it appeared the storms were firing up on the IL state line so I headed out on the bike. I decided I wanted to hit PCR one more time but needed to ride in the opposite direction to simulate the race. It is a different sensation since I go counter clockwise 90% of the time, but glad I did it. Got over 34 miles in and pushed harder than I planned to at the end with storms on me. Note to self: brakes don't work so good in the rain! Had Mancinos for dinner and am trying to rest this evening. Tomorrow is still undecided as the weather will remain hot all week, and tomorrow is still a work day! Hoping to get some run time in after work. Still hard to believe its almost go time!

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