July 2, 2012

Race week - Monday

Slept in until 6:30 and opted for the usual egg mcmuffin breakfast. Was very still at work all day and fought some lingering back pain. Had Subway buffalo chicken for lunch and wasn't hungry again until 4:30. Had a 90 calorie granola bar and headed to Nassau to knock out 1250 (250x5). Felt pretty good but times seemed slower than usual. Maybe I just knew I didn't want to push too hard. More splashing around is a good thing this week. Tried to keep my mind off of it but at one it is all around me. Brian stopped by and I expressed my vote (which doesn't count) to keep the full 70.3 distance no matter what the weather does. I would be in tears if they shortened this race as the entire reason for all this training is to complete the distance! He believes by increasing the frequency of run aid stations and starting earlier we can get the full distance in. These sound like likely possibilities at this point but he has until Friday to decide for sure. For dinner we had ground turkey tacos and I ate more than my share but I am not too worried about quantity just yet. Protein will be a good thing the next couple days before I turn to carbs and hydration! 10 pm and I am in bed with lights out! Planning a morning run and maybe a late ride! 5 days!

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