July 3, 2012

Race Week - Tuesday

I got up this morning at 6 and headed out for an easy 35 minute jog - really focused on taking it easy and keeping the heart rate down.  It went well, felt labored, but nothing concerning.  The back felt better this morning and nearly 100% tonight.
Worked a half day this morning and opted for Subway again for lunch.  Was home by 1, but honestly lounged around all afternoon.  We were waiting on professional triathlete Joanna Lawn and her husband Armando to arrive.  They left New Zealand Sunday night and have been traveling nonstop to arrive in Indy at midnight last night.  Grabbed a hotel and a car this morning and were expected to be here around 2.  I fell asleep on the couch for a good hour (wonderful) and they finally got here around 4 after a few detours.
They will stay at Molly's mom's house for the week while she is in Florida, so we took them over and got them settled in.  Fascinated and almost star struck I'm hanging on every word that comes out of their mouth and yet trying to play it cool all at the same time.
They agreed that grabbing a casual swim was in the plan for them tonight, so we changed clothes and met up at Nassau a little after 6.  Since I swam last night I really didn't need to do much, but opted for 1000 yards easy while stopping to stare at them every 250.  They're swimming laps around me (literally) with little effort and under severe jet lag.  As we wound down the workout we just hung out in the pool for a while splashing around, playing with the kids and chatting about race experiences...priceless!
Armando has qualified for Vegas and Kona Championships and is the real deal.  Joanna is so laid back and easy going, and they're both so kind with the kids.  We started talking about nutrition, and I could see both of their faces light up with concern when I told them how little I took in on the bike.  Pretty sure the look on their face alone just talked me into doubling the amount of gels I will be taking!  I can't argue with the science of it as they explained the math to me, and since I know how I struggle with the run after the bike, I would have to guess they're on to something.
We sent them on their way back and returned for a bite of dinner - some rotisserie chicken and peas with some bread were on the menu.  Rested for a few, and we were off to meet them again to have them join us for a meet up with area triathletes and the official Muncie Area Fun Squad (MAFS) at Berry Winkle!  When we got there, Jo was asleep, but said they really did want to go, and I think they really enjoyed it!  Plus I think everyone there enjoyed getting to meet them and chat for a few.  Just being around all of these successful and seasoned triathletes gives me such confidence.  It would be easy to look around and see that I'm still the "heavy" of the group, and the least fit, but instead, everyone is so excited for me and encouraging of my adventure.  The support is very uplifting and meaningful.
We left them at the grocery store on the way home, and I'm sure we're all headed to bed shortly.  Tomorrow we will play it all by ear, but there is a possible plan to ride tomorrow early or late - Either way, I don't think I will race tomorrow just to remain defensive with the plan.
Forecast remains hot all week, and rumor is PCR water temp is 85!  I'm ready no matter what the water or air temperature is!

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