July 4, 2012

Race Week - Wednesday

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!  Woke up early, but forced myself to roll over and fall back asleep - I know I need rest this week!  I finally got up around 7, long before anyone else, and had my normal Wednesday morning granola bar even though I wasn't going to run.  There was a chance that Jo and Armando would call and want to go for a ride this morning in which case I would escort them to the Greenway Depot and let them roll from there, but even to ride 12 miles with them would have been a treat.  By 9:00 I gave up that hope as they knew we were leaving at 11 for Greenfield for the Campbell family reunion.  So at 9:30 I fixed myself a turkeybacon and cheese sandwich.  They finally called around 10 and I gave them directions how to head out, and found out later that they rode over 3 hours, most of the way to Richmond and back! 
We left town at 11:15, and had lunch with the family - I really focused on the water all day and chose lots of fruits and vegetables - passed on the sweets and didn't crave anything.  Stayed inside most of the day in the A/C and we left there around 4.  Home and resting, and not very hungry for dinner, but opted for Papa John's to increase the carbs once more.  By the time it got here after 6:30, I wasn't very hungry, but managed a couple pieces of pizza and a couple breadsticks.  I only sat around about 30 mins before I decided I had to get a little spin in.  Just a quick 45 minutes felt great!  Had some strawberries when I returned and am ready for bed!  No firework shows for me - All I want to do is sleep!  Working a half day tomorrow, and the then it's 100% focus time!  Check out this forecast!  Drinky, Drinky!

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