July 5, 2012

Race week - Thursday

I'm pleased so many of you have chose to read my story this week - thank you! 

I did not set the alarm, but woke up on my own at 6, and laced them up and headed out for a solid 30 minute run!  Was very pleased with it!  Felt great, and didn't push hard at all!  However, I did have some gas discomfort, so obviously ate something yesterday that didn't settle as well as usual.

Lots of drinking and opted for a bigger breakfast to replace the fluids and calories fast!  Then off to the office EXCEPT - - A DEAD BATTERY - - ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?  I guess I'm glad it happened today and not Saturday morning!

Had a great morning at work, and was home by 1.  Molly was busy with volunteers and such, but made time to bring home lunch for me from Arby's when she dropped off the kids to me.  She went back to her responsibilities and the kids and I relaxed for a bit before we headed to THE MOVIES!

I had read that going to see a movie was a great way to rest and relax in the A/C while munching on some popcorn (carbs) and sipping a drink (hydration) and allowing your mind to get lost in the movie instead of worrying about the race -- IT WORKED!  Was a great decision, and am wishing I could go again tomorrow!

After the movie I popped into MC sports to grab a couple powerbars that I like before the race and then we headed to the convention center.  Molly was there setting up for the Captain's meeting and I was meeting Abby there to hand off the kids to her.  From the second I walked in it was GO GO GO, but I didn't mind - again, whatever I can do to keep my mind busy is a good thing.  The dinner was catered by Scotty's and so I opted for the pulled pork (protein) and macaroni (carbs) with just a little bit of salad and a brownie.

As the meeting got started, the staff went around and gave their two cents about Saturday and there was one common theme - IT'S GOING TO BE HOT - Additionally, many commented on how hard the athletes will push themselves regardless of the weather (they're right) - captains were told to encourage athletes to slow, stop, and rest, or offer SAG out of the race.  While I appreciate the message, I didn't come out here to slow, stop or rest!  I am committed to running a safe race by being smart first!  I have learned what my body can handle, and I know my limits, AND I WILL BE PUSHING THOSE LIMITS!  I will be leaving it all on the course, I do not have another race on the calendar at this time, and for all I know, may never have the chance to do this again! 

I'm going to try to get some rest now - In bed before 10 is the plan!  I am so ready for this!  Yes, it's all I can think about, and I'm okay with that!  Thanks again for sharing in this journey with me!

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