August 20, 2013

IMLOU RACE WEEK (Spectator Guide)

If a man finishes an Ironman and there's no one there to see him finish, is he still an Ironman?  Let's not find out!  PLEASE SUPPORT ME ON RACE DAY!!  Here are a handful of ways that you can do this.

1)  Come to Louisville!  If you happen to be in the area, or near, I would love to see you at any point along my journey.  Seeing ANYONE I know will likely move me to tears, but will boost my energy exponentially and carry my spirit for miles to come!  A rough timeline would have me swimming from 7-8:30/9:00, Cycling from 8:45-3:45ish, and Running from 4:00-10:00.  You can find lots more information and links for spectators at 

2)  Track me on your mobile device!  If you have a smart phone, you should download the FREE app MyAthleteLive - This weekend you will find the Ironman Louisville race as an option, and then you can search for my name "Christopher Day" and literally track my every move!  Once I complete the swim, I will attach the tracking device that I have rented for you to follow my every step and pedal stroke.  It will update every 30 seconds with my real time location including time and pace (Note: the time is not accurate against my true race time as it starts at 7:00 a.m., and it will be several minutes before I get in the water) and estimated arrival times at various points.  If you happen to be in Louisville this is a great app to find me while you drive around town looking for me!

3)  Track me on  On Sunday when you go to the Ironman website, you will find a LIVE COVERAGE of the event.  This includes an athlete tracker that you can search for my name and see my results at a large number of timing checkpoints throughout the day.  It will include my overall time and pace, as well as overall and age group rankings.  (Also: IronTrac is a 99 cent app that will give you the same results and is a little easier to navigate than the website)  Also, on the internet site you will have options to watch live streaming video.  Your best chances to see me will be coming out of the water at the swim finish (8:30-8:45).  Coming out of T1 with my bike (Look for the bright yellow MAFS jersey around 8:45?).  Coming out of T2 onto the run (Look for my Orange and Brown Chocolate Milk REFUEL race kit before 4:00?) and of course the finish line (Anytime between 9:30 and midnight - again if you're tracking me you can estimate when I might finish)

4)  Social media!  I'm asking all of my friends who are in Louisville to please tag me in every related post so that friends, family and fans from around the globe (a guy can dream) can monitor my Facebook page and search Twitter for updates.  (Free Chocolate Milk to the best hashtags of the day)  I'm hoping there will be lots of pictures (of me smiling) posted to my wall when I regain coherence!  Additionally, if you are tracking me, or even if you're not, please shoot me a note, post, message, tweet at any point that you just happen to think about me!  I look forward to being entertained during the car ride home on Monday and reading all those comments!

5)  If you REALLY want the most brutal fact updates throughout the head Ironsherpa (yes it's a real role, look it up), Molly Day, will be keeping a handful of people updated all day via group texts.  If you REALLY want on the list (think about it, you're getting unsolicited texts from 7 a.m. to midnight on Sunday), simply send me your name and phone number and she will get you added to the group list (at her discretion)

So that's about it!  I don't expect you to stay glued to the phone or internet for 15+ straight hours, but I do hope you'll think about me for a few seconds on Sunday, even if it's just "that Chris is one crazy messed up dude...Ironman!

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