March 3, 2013

Week 11 complete

I'm not going to lie - I HURT!  The miles have taken their toll on me.  I finished the month of February with 120 miles bringing my 2013 total to over 200!  I have obviously not logged these kinds of miles since fall 2011.  Marathon training is hard enough, but with a lingering injury, it can become too much.  And that's what happened yesterday. 
Coming off of a 17 mile long run last Sunday, and getting all of my weekly miles in (5, 8, 5), My body was not fresh enough for this weekend's 18 miler.  I pushed the first 10 with ease, but the next 3 became a struggle, and by 13.5, I was done.  Decided to take a 3 mile walk just to get over 16.  The hamstring was as painful as it has been, and while it wasn't radiating into my back they way it usually does, it was too much to risk for a training run.  Not going to let it get me down though.  I am confident with what I can do on race day.
This morning the Star Press ran a follow up article on me -
While not 100% accurate, their awareness is appreciated. 
Finally, this is the last week before daylight savings time.  For those that have followed my journey from the beginning, you know how symbolic this is for me.  Stay tuned for an announcement that will be nothing short of legen...wait for it...

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