March 17, 2013


No really...I do!  99.8 to be exact!  After a week of reduced miles to prepare for this weekend's 20 miler, I woke up Saturday morning as sick as I've been in quite some time!  Body aches, chills, fever, knotted stomach pains, etc.  As the day wore on, and I had only eaten one banana all day, I knew I didn't have the fuel required in my body to tackle the long run today.  I managed to eat some mashed potatoes for dinner, and was in bed by 7:45!

13 hours later, I finally emerged from bed.  Still with a fever, still with the body aches, etc., but after some Gatorade and ibuprofen, I did start to feel a little better.  Managed to eat a sandwich for lunch, but still have no energy.  Feeling much better at the moment, and am anxious to get out for a run, but know that would not be smart.  Will debate what to do tomorrow based on the weather and how much fuel I can take in for dinner.

Missing the 20 miler is not the end of the training by any means, but it does set me back quite a bit.  Pete got out and got his miles in, and while I'm happy for him, I feel all the more depressed and deflated over it.  Next weekend is the Sam Costa Half Marathon in Carmel, and then we're off to Disney for a week - just one more reason to be concerned for the training.  Supposed to hit another 20 upon our return, but not sure how well that will go after riding on a bus for 20 hours! 

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