February 27, 2013


I have been so busy that I forgot to share my news here!  Are you sitting down?  I made it!  I won!  I am a sponsored athlete with Team REFUEL thanks to gotchocolatemilk.com and more importantly, thanks to YOU!  Yes, YOU!  You returned daily to vote for me everyday!  You shared my story with your friends and you rewarded me with this honor!  So what can I do for you??  I can keep doing what I do!  How does that benefit you?  Well, hopefully it motivates you or somehow inspires you to follow me!  I have lots of fun ideas for this year and hope you will accompany me on this journey!  Stay tuned for more!
Now for those that are asking where my weekly update is, it is no mistake that it didn't get posted.  Lets just say that my inability to move on Sunday contributed to this.  17 miler on Sunday held up at about 10:05 pace and I intentionally stayed off the bike most of the week!  This weekend calls for 18 and I am already over 110 for the month so needless to say, my body is talking to me.
I will be back Sunday with more details.  In the meantime I am still figuring out how this sponsorship works, so bare with me!

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