March 31, 2012

Is it still a vacation if you don't gain weight?

Quick update -
Just returned from a week in Colorado on Spring Break, and much to my surprise/delight - I did not gain a single pound!  I worked hard to stay active - skiing two days, running two days, and one good bike workout, plus all the walking around the resort village seemed to do the trick.  I chose my meals out wisely, but did not count calories or keep a food log all week. 
As for fitness, the mountains were a real test for my breathing, and running down the mountain proved to be hard on the knees.  Today's run here at home was solid for 4 miles, but that's all I got out of it.  Hoping for a solid bike workout tomorrow.
And finally, my March totals are in - 60 run miles, 204 bike miles, and 5.5 swim miles - that makes YTD totals 200 run miles and 486 bike miles!  Almost 700 in total!  Well on pace toward the 2012 goal of 2012 miles!

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