August 17, 2014

My friends ROCK

Saturday ended up being a great day to celebrate others!  I hear Mark Culp and Chris Glover both PR their 5ks and Jess Smith PR her 10k!  Most impressive though was Luke Smelser who WON his first ultra!  A 12 hour race - e.g.  How far can you run in 12 hours!  The answer by the way, is over 65 miles!  Wowsa!  Congrats Luke!

For me, I hit the greenway for another 2:30 run.  Just like last weekend.  Last weekend I logged 11.6 miles, so the goal today was to hit at least 12.  I got 12.1  Mission accomplished.  Stayed very disciplined on the run/walk strategy at the end.  The sad part was that this was my first run on the Green way since my half marathon PR  22 months ago!  That day I ran 13.1 at a sub 9 pace!  Today I ran 12.1 at over a 12:00 pace and was wiped!  My body simply isn't the same since IMLOU. 

2 more weeks until RnR Va Beach!  Looking forward to hanging out with the family on the beach more than anything! 

Thanks to Amy and Amy (who rocked 15 miles on Saturday) for letting me tag along on the long run and to Gary and Pete for the SAG help!

Not feeling so well today, so maybe a short walk later, and lots of couch time!

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