August 13, 2014


First post of my 40s! 
Monday was the big day; the big FOUR OH! 
Coupled with my absence as a blogger, I'm purely throwing this post out there, just to see who's watching.

My blog gets daily traffic, yet I've posted NOTHING since May!?  Interesting?  Who is finding me?  How are they finding me?  No clue, but I'm trying a new approach here.  I'm not going to promote each post like I used to on other social media sites.  AKA "Hey, everyone, look at me, I'm posting a blog, and it's probably nothing you care about, but go look anyway"  Nope, not doing that anymore, instead, I'm just going to write...journal if you will.  Just share what's on my mind and keep it real.  I hope to do this weekly, probably at the end of the weekend, and yes it will still be centered around my athletic endeavors, but I'll throw some other stuff in with a side of humor too.  So come back soon to see what's on my mind...that is...if I can remember...I mean, afterall, I am 40 now! 

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