October 19, 2012

#IMKONA inspiration and a commitment

I'll be the first to admit - I'm a little addicted to following professional triathletes these days.  I follow many on twitter, and I like many more on facebook; as well as all the companies that sponsor them.  I challenge you to find another sport or activity that, on any given weekend, you can toe the line and compete side by side with some of the world's best athletes.  You will likely never play a full game with Jordan or Kobe, You'll never tee up 18 with Phil or Tiger, and good luck scoring a single point off of Venus or Serena (unless they double fault).  Yet, in an Ironman, any weekend warrior (like myself) can pay the entry fee and go head to head with the best in our sport...every...weekend!

The difference remains, that aside from the elite athletes, very few of us are competing with each other; yet, we are competing only against ourselves.

As I watched the Ironman World Championships in Kona unfold throughout the day last Saturday I was obviously most interested in who was leading, who was fastest, who faltered and why, and of course who won?!  But the following morning I was anxious to scroll through the age group results and find even more inspiration.  The oldest finisher, the youngest finisher, the challenged athletes, and especially the last finisher (you must complete the course in under 17 hours).  The stories of many of these athletes will be featured on next week's featured broadcast of the race that I will record and watch countless times in the weeks and months ahead.    Highlights of the last hour in Kona!

I have bottled up this kind of inspiration for days, weeks, months, and beyond as I become more and more intrigued by the activity, I find myself on the edge of making a commitment.  A decision to chase a dream that just 3 years ago would have been laughable to anyone in my life.  I understand that this is not something I can do alone, and yet it is entirely up to me.  I understand that there will be sacrifices for myself, my family, my friends, and yet all will be better for having been a part of this.  I understand the challenge is as mentally taxing as it is physically exhausting.  I understand that it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. 

I am blessed with a career that affords me the time.  I am blessed with a family that affords me the time.  I am blessed with friends that lead by example.  I am blessed with a renewed body that is up for the challenge.  My mind is right, my heart is ready, and the stars seem to be aligned.

At this time I am committing myself to begin a training program on December 17th that will prepare me to complete the August 25, 2013 Ironman Louisville.  I understand that every mile I have completed to this point has been an important part of my training for this event, but it's now time to focus the effort.  The event traditionally does not sell out until mid summer, and I will not commit my dollars for entry until the Spring ,all assuming that the training is going well and my health remains strong.

I am looking forward to the structured workouts and having a plan.  Thanks in advance to my friends and family for understanding and supporting my journey to become an Ironman

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