September 23, 2012

Chase Charlie - Catch Charlie!

Today was all about going FAST!  Chuck Alfrey came up just to pace me through this race knowing that he could settle me into a successful pace.  The goal was to go under 25:00 which is about 8:02 pace, and I was confident I could get the job done.  So much so that Chuck said "Let's destroy it".
We were out of the gate like a dog on a rabbit, Looked down to see a 6:xx pace, only to hear Chuck yelling at me, "Settle, settle!"  (like I was said dog), I watched my Garmin tick back into the 7:xxs and decided I was comfortable there.  He talked me through the whole thing.  Mile 1 was 7:24 and I felt good, but at the half way point we made the turn at the scramble light and it was uphill a bit on McKinley.  Mile 2 was 7:49.  Quick math says I can do a 9 minute mile and break 25:00.  Just then Chuck says "don't settle" - it was like he knew - so we pressed on with him pulling away just enough to get me to go with him.  He tells me we are 8:03 on this mile and need to pick it up to press it under 8, and we did!  I had a little burst with a quarter mile to go, but decided it was too early.  Chuck really wanted me to go, but I knew I couldn't.  Once we were inside the stadium I picked it up just a little more and Mile 3 was a 7:46.  Now rounding the corner to the finish line I can see the time clock and it still says 23:xx - WE'RE GOING TO BREAK 24! - And we did,

23:44 is the new PR and was good enough for 3rd place male age 30-39!  How bout them apples!

To celebrate - we went for a 10 mile run!  Yes, I'm serious!

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