April 16, 2011

What have I been weighting for?

3 weeks left until the mini marathon
3 weeks left in the Chase Charlie Y Weight Challenge
So, how's it going? They say a picture is worth a thousand words...so you tell me...

You may recall my post from 7 weeks ago with my weight at 252!? Oh yeah ~ take that 24 pounds!!

So how am I doing it? I have to endorse myfitnesspal.com This website and its mobile app have changed how I think about food and how it relates to my exercise. My personal trainer, has made a very big difference in my overall health too.

The runs are getting faster. Pete and I blitzed a 4 miler this week in nearly 35 minutes, but the long runs are still a struggle. We did 10 miles last weekend at a 10:13 pace. The goal is still 10 minute miles, but even if we don't quite get there, I will not be overly disappointed as I look back to where I was a year ago! Averaging over 25 miles per week right now, and feeling pretty good about it.

Molly has backed off the running, though she still plans to complete the Geist half. I wish I could motivate her to go after it more, but I realize that my goals are not hers, and while running is not her preference, she continues to get stronger everyday as well.

This morning the girls ran a fun run at Morrow's Meadow. Just one lap (0.88 mile) around, but I'm so glad that they have an interest, and that I can help be a positive role model for them now. Carter is enjoying soccer, and he loves to get out and chase the ball at full speed, so hopefully he gets my competitive spirit too.

Next post will likely be after the mini...stay tuned!!

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