April 29, 2011

8 weeks later...the results are in...

8 weeks ago I posted that I was entering into an intense period of diet and exercise. Tonight was the post testing, and here are the results!!

MARCH 1 --- APRIL 29

Resting Heart Rate
63 bpm --- 64 bpm

Blood Pressure
124 / 80 --- 120/90

252 --- 231

32.42 --- 31.39

Body Fat %
21 --- 23

Waist circumference
121cm --- 107cm

Hips circumference
118cm --- 108cm

Sit and reach test
0 --- 0

Curlups test
23 --- 25 (max allowed)

Pushups test
0 --- 6

I'm most proud of my weight loss (home scale shows 228) and losing the inches on my waist and hips. What I can not figure out is how my body fat % went up. I have to assume that it is a somewhat volatile measurement. I was told the margin for error is up to 3.5%, so it may have actually dropped, but the skin fold tests didn't show it.

I know I'm much stronger as 8 weeks ago I couldn't do any real pushups (chest to towel), and now can do 6, and I maxed out the curlup test. Flexibility is still an issue with a zero.

All in all it has been a great experience and the culminating event will be a 5k on Thursday where I will receive some awards for my success!

Finally, I must give my BSU student trainer, Nichole Sleeper, lots of credit. She did an amazing job of pushing me through weight training while allowing me to maintain my running schedule. Now the rest is up to me! Thanks to everyone who has commented on my success. Your comments keep me going, and I'm not done yet!

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