December 31, 2012

Week Two

Christmas turned out to not be the biggest problem of the week - we'll get to that.
Got a good swim in on Christmas Eve, and chased it that evening with a solid 3.5 mile run.
Christmas Day was a welcome break
Wednesday morning I was right back in the pool and got my workout done just before they closed the Y due to a looming blizzard!  Got 40 minutes in on the trainer before the day was done.
Thursday I found 5 miles late on the treadmill at the Y before I enjoyed a rest day on Friday!
Saturday was 80 minutes on the trainer, but I skipped the drills and just spun easy.
Sunday I met my match.  9 miles was the run plan for the marathon, and Pete had already done his, so I had to go for it!  On snow and ice covered roads, I ventured out in the 18 degree wind and slipped my way around town for 89 minutes!  Everything felt good...until...yep, as soon as I stopped moving and sat down - BACK PAIN - AGAIN!  This was one of the worst ones that kept me on my back and side nearly all day.  2 muscle relaxers helped a good night sleep, but the end of this cold had me coughing through the night to the point that Molly left the room at 2 a.m.!  Monday I woke up feeling better, but as of late this afternoon the pain is back!  I scheduled an appointment for Monday with CIO.  It's time to figure this out!

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