August 17, 2012

Steelhead 70.3 Prerace Final Thoughts

I asked Coach Armando if he had any final words of wisdom for me,  and here is his response, "it's your first 70.3 enjoy this one! next 70.3 you are going for the win...;-) have fun and smile allllll the's easier that way."

Friday night, and getting everything ready but taking a little break to journal my thoughts.

Injury Report:  I pulled something behind my left knee last night as I was standing up out of my chair.  No clue what or how or why it happened, but I grabbed it immediately.  It remained very tight and I iced it before bed.  Each time I woke up last night it was still painful when I tried to straighten it.  An easy 3 miler this morning loosened it up a bit, but as soon as I stopped, it came right back.  All day it has remained tight, and now I sit here with it on ice concerned that it may not loosen up.  Not that it matters...I ain't got time for pain!

Gear Check:  Bike is wiped down, tightened up and loaded.  Gear and nutrition are laid out and ready to go.  Bus is gassed up, and the family is busy practicing their cheers!

Papa Johns in the belly, and Gatorade by my side.  Tomorrow night we will have Italian with the entire MAFS crew!  17 of us in all, and half of us racing!

My drive and motivation has come back in the last few days, and I believe when my feet hit the beach nothing else will matter.  The weather appears to be near perfect, very cool, low humidity, calm(er) waters, and winds.

I have told myself that I'm willing to push my body to a place it has never been.  I'm ready to lay it all on the line and let it all hang out.  There are no other races firmly on the calendar, and there's no reason to save anything.  That being said, I have to run a smart race.  Push too hard too soon, and suffer early.  Don't push hard enough, and ask "what if" all the way home.

Excited to have my biggest fan, my wife, on this trip with me; and appreciative of her decision to bring the kids.  I can't let them down.  I might be their hero.  Also excited to have so many of my best friends and workout partners on this roadtrip.

It's going to hurt, I'm going to cry, but it's going to be worth it!

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