August 9, 2012

10 days to Steelhead

Happy August 9!  Kids went back to school today which means I officially no longer have a summer birthday!  With summer over, and fresh back from a long Hawaiian vacation, I am ready to rest.  Ready to be done with the miles and hours of training.  Ready to focus on something else.  I mean, this was all supposed to have been done - 5 weeks ago!  It just doesn't feel right to still be doing this at this level.  With 10 days left, it feels like there is still so much work to do, and yet, rest should be a high priority.  The heavy lifting was done before vacation, but the remaining workouts are somewhat daunting. 

This is no time for self-doubt.  I am confident in my ability to complete the distance which I have said all along is the only real goal.  But I can't help but think about the possibilities on my finish time.  Today's run and yesterday's bike were dreadfully slow compared to where I was before vacation.  I'll rest up tomorrow and hit another long bike and run this weekend, but I plan to scale the workouts back next week going into the race. 

My body is ready.  My muscles are ready.  Now I've just got to prepare my mind!

P.S.  Here are a few "VACATION PHOTOS" from our trip to KONA!

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