February 2, 2012

The Century Mark

For the third time in 6 months I am within 10 pounds of losing 100 pounds - the century mark! I MUST DO IT THIS TIME!

From 310 pounds in November 2007, I only ever got down to 285 by March 2010 - but by April 2011 I found myself at 235 - and then just before the Chicago Marathon I hit a low of 216 (Down 94 pounds). Before the Monumental Marathon I held on to 225, but by New Years was back to 232.

Today I am 219 again...Just 9 more pounds to go. Surely I can buckle down for the month of February so that I can finally say I did it...can't I? If you see me with food in my hand, you have my permission to slap it away!

Stay tuned for weekly updates!

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