January 21, 2012


Last year, I participated in the Bop to the Top - A stair climbing race up the OneAmerica Building - 36 floors, 790 steps, 500 feet, STRAIGHT UP! My time last year was 8:43 - I was pretty pleased with that. My legs were fine, but breathing was difficult.

So, this year I thought, why not do it THREE TIMES! They call it the TRIPLE BOP! You have no more than 3 hours to complete the climb three times. LET'S GO!

First run - 7:33!!!! Couldn't believe it, a full minute faster than last year! Wonder if I can do it again?

Second run - 7:43!!! Wow, very pleased with myself, only dropped 10 seconds! Any chance I can do it again in under 8?

Third run - 7:46!!!!! Woo Hoo! I WAS PUMPED! Great consistency. I really am just that much stronger this year!

Total time 23:04 was good for 51st place out of the 109 crazies that did the triple. Over 1000 competed in the individual competition where I would've been 4th in the 225+ pound division, except for the fact that I weigh less than 225 now! YES. I. DO!

That'll be enough stairs for now thanks.

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