September 14, 2015

2016 Indy Mini Ambassador

Sometimes I sign up for stuff on a whim just works out!  Never imagined I would get picked for this gig, but I did...AND I LOVE IT!

Such a great honor to be one of the 33 Mini Ambassadors - the first ever program for the Indy Mini!

So how does it work?  
Easy, when you register for the Indy Mini, you'll have the choice to select my name as the ambassador who referred you to register!  My goal is to have 100 referrals for this year's event!  
Will you help me out?
If we can make it happen, I will organize a carpool, prerace meetup and host a tent/tailgate afterwards

Registration is OPEN! and as I reflect on my many experiences running the Indy Mini, I decided to count down my top 10 reasons that you should should join me in May!

10  It is a landmark year! The 40th running of the Indy mini promises to be a huge celebration that kicks off the month of May leading to the 100th running of the Indy 500!

9  Chance to run inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and even Kiss the Bricks!

8  On course entertainment! With 100 entertainment groups and spirit squads lining the course, the Mini-Marathon has arguably the most entertainment of any road race in the world! 

7  PR Bell is back...and better than ever! When was the last time you rang the PR Bell? There's no better feeling! Will you ring the PR Bell in 2016? 

6  The start line! How can you resist being a part of this sea of inspiration?! The goosebumps of counting down to your start with the music pumping and the roar of the crowd echoing off the buildings around you! 

5  The FINISH LINE! It doesn't matter if you are the first or last across the line - either way you are a FINISHER! If you think the cheers at the start line are memorable, wait until you cross the finish line! You feel it before you hear it, you hear it before you see it, you see it...and then you FINISH it!

Have you heard about the new challenges??
Mega Mini Challenge - Run the 5k AND the Indy Mini back to back! 
Mini Maniac Challenge - Run the Miler Series AND the Indy Mini 

3  THE VOLUNTEERS ROCK! We couldn't do it without them, and they're fabulous! If your friend or loved one is running and you are not, why not volunteer on race day? It's a great way to give back and have a front row seat of your participant! 

2  THE EXPO!  The Indy Mini expo is one of the largest half marathon expos in the Midwest!  And it is packed with over 100 exhibitors with great deals for you!

1  THE PEOPLE!  Your experience at the Indy Mini is what you make of it, but if you surround yourself with your family and friends - before, during and after -  it promises to be an experience you can carry with you for a lifetime!

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