January 26, 2014

New Sponsorship

Sometimes, it's as simple as asking!

I am so excited to announce my newest sponsorship with X-1 Audio!  X-1 is a company I became familiar with last year when they offered Team REFUEL a free sample of their sweatproof and weatherproof in-ear momentum headphones.  A year later, I fill out a short application, and BOOM, I'm on Team X-1

X-1 is becoming very well known for the WATERPROOF headphones.  Yes, that's right, completely waterproof.  I know what you're thinking..."what's the point in water proof headphones if my music playing device is not waterproof?"  Guess what...they make a WATERPROOF case for that too!

Water proof case + water proof headphones = MUSIC WHILE I SWIM!  Seriously!  How awesome is this!  Check out the X-1 Interval 4g Waterproof headphone system for swimmers!  And yes, I get one of these with my sponsorship!!

Stay tuned for updates and product review of my favorite X-1 products!

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