November 3, 2013

An extra hour of sleep or an extra hour to RUN?

I walked outside this morning in prep for my morning run and saw my neighbor standing in his front lawn with a bottle of black shoe polish in one hand, and his penis in the other.  As I got closer, I realized that he was applying the black shoe polish all over his penis turning it a very dark black.  I screamed out to him, "Sir, what are you doing?"  He looked back at me with an innocent glance and said, "I'm just doing what you reminded me to do yesterday!" "No, no, no sir, that's not what I said.  What I said was 'Don't forget to turn your CLOCKS BACK!!!"

OK, so maybe that didn't happen, but what did happen, was Max and I set out for a GREAT 8 mile run.  The pup kept up with great pacing and I enjoyed 80 minutes together with man's best friend.  Much of my inspiration this morning comes from the 43rd running of the NYC marathon where my running friend Ted Johnson is realizing one of his dreams that was delayed for him last year by hurricane Sandy.  The NYC marathon is a bucket list race for me, and I've entered the lottery each of the last two years with no luck.  Emma told me this morning that the "third time's a charm".  I hope she's right! 

Changing the clocks is a pretty big deal for me.  Most of you that have followed me for quite some time remember my post from March 2010 when we changed our clocks and I made the commitment to change my life.  Days like this give me a moment to reflect on how far I've come.  Certainly the weight loss is the most proud accomplishment, but that is kind of a thing of the past now.  I've maintained the weight loss for over a year (within 5%), and continue to work hard to keep it off.  I continue to add races to my resume, and while I enjoy every second of it, this was a year of very few PRs!   I added another marathon (which I did PR) for a total of 4, and added 4 half marathons (No PRs) for a total of 15!  My 5k and 10k PRs were both set last year as well.  So, am I getting slower?  Perhaps! triathlon accomplishments have come around.  I did PR my Half Ironman distance at Ironman 70.3 Muncie in July.  And I did PR my Olympic distance in June.  And, oh yeah, I did complete this little race called Ironman Louisville, which I'm just a little proud of (I guess we can call that a PR too). 

And so the story continues.  Still not sure what the next chapter looks like.  There's still so much I want to do!  Continue with triathlon?  Refocus on running?  Set a new low on the scale?  Or maybe, just maybe, it's time to "fall back" and give my body a well deserved rest...maybe?  ;)

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