September 2, 2013

Allow me to weigh in...

Here is my unsolicited advice for the day:  (afterall it is the name of my blog)

If you want to lose ANY weight, THIS is the BEST time to do it! 

Take it from someone who has yo-yo dieted for many years, but has ALWAYS had success this time of year!  This period from Labor Day to Thanksgiving is honestly a GREAT time to get your weight where you want it to be!  Here a couple reasons why...

1)  This is one of the longest periods of time on the calendar between major holidays = less temptations!

2)  Fresh fruits and vegetables are still available for healthier choices

3)  The weather is going to cool off soon making it much easier to get out and be active again!

If you don't do it now, you will regret it when the cold months roll around, and you decide to curl up on the couch pigging out on all the comfort foods of winter because that sounds better than getting on the dreadmill!  Then the new year will roll around and you'll make another resolution that you'll struggle with. 


Trust me on this one friends...My triathlon season is over, and one of my biggest fears is falling back into a nonactive slump.  It's not going to happen.  Running season starts tomorrow...and I'm back on Myfitnesspal tomorrow!  Join me there!  My username is iammrejir - I don't need to lose much weight, but I MUST be diligent about not gaining it back! 

Thanks to my wife for providing the motivation for my push this year!  She is absolutely killing it right now with incredible discipline around food and a commitment to her workouts like never before!  Great job babe!  Keep me accountable!

So how about you?  Have you been on a scale lately?  Looked in the mirror with your shirt off?  Like what you see?  Only YOU can do something about it!  But I'm here for you if I can help in any way

Final thought - There are less than 12 weeks until Thanksgiving!  For anyone interested to begin jogging/running.  I HIGHLY recommend the Couch to 5k program and would be thrilled to have you join me at this year's Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving morning!

Happy Labor Day friends! 

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