November 21, 2012


When you last heard from me, I was whining about my back hurting after the Muncie mini - since then things seemed to be pretty good with the occassional annoying tightness after a long run.  But this past Sunday was no ordinary tightness. 

Had just finished a solid 10 mile training run with Olsons and friends and drove home.  Did a few errands before I went upstairs to shower.  After I came down and ate my breakfast, I was standing in the kitchen stretching against the counter when a pain unlike anything I've ever experienced shot down my lower back.  I hobbled toward the couch only to have a second spasm.  This time I yelled out like a little girl - EEEE!  Molly came running to stabilize me and help me to the couch.  I couldn't even sit or lay or flop or even move!  It was the most bizarre feeling ever.  I don't have any idea what caused it.  I finally fell into my chair and tried to find a comfortable position.  I was able to sit without much pain for almost an hour before I got up - AND THEN - EEEEEOOOOOWWWW - To downplay it a bit, let's just say this scream continues at random intervals for the next 30 minutes - the pain was so bad that this stubborn mule actually picked up the phone and called the Dr!  He agreed to call me in a muscle relaxer, and my nurse Molly was out the door to get it for me and allowed me to stay home while she took Carter to his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. 

I promise it was not a ploy to get out of the party.  I was quite upset to miss it, but it was the right decision.  Once the meds kicked in, I did get a little drowsy, but they did what they were supposed to.

I took Mon, Tues and Wed completely off from any exercise, and am hoping to be 100% for tomorrow morning's Drumstick Dash in Broad Ripple.

Stay tuned to how this turns out...

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