October 23, 2011

Because that's where it started...

Okay, that's not the real reason, but first off, let's address the question...


The real answer is because I feel like I got one better in me! Chicago was great. Incredible. Amazing. But it didn't meet my goal time. I've got to try again!

I've done all this training, all year long. How can I just...be done.

The issue is this. I am running the Muncie Mini Marathon the week before! And, being the competitive person that I am. I'd really like to PR it as well.

So here is the plan. A couple easy runs this week, and then hit the Mini with a ten minute pace for 6-7 miles. Take inventory of how I'm feeling, and then decide...If I can PR (2:21), then I go for it! Holding on to ten minute pace would get me 2:11! If it becomes obvious that that will not happen, then I'm going to pull it back and just jog it in easy to save it for Monumental.

Next week, we'll do just one short easy run, and then let the legs recover. The goal for Monumental remains 5 hours. PR is priority, but I am confident I can go under 5 hours! If the weather cooperates, and Pete and I can repeat our last 20 or 22 mile training runs from Chicago, this can and should happen.

2 fulls and 1 half marathon in less than a month! INSANE!?

But as the title says...Monumental will be very special. Because that's where it started...

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