February 17, 2011

Let the training begin...

Ready, set, GO! It's time to get serious!

January was a difficult month for running. Lots of time on the treadmill, and only mustered about 50 miles for the month, but added in LOTS of stairs. Pete and I tackled the Bop to the Top in support of Riley's Hospital and an old church camp friend, Mark Simmonds, who lost a child just 2 months into life. It was great to catch up with him and tackle a new event at the same time.

February means, time for Mini Marathon training to begin. This is week 1 of a 12 week program. I've added about 10 pounds since the Monumental 3 months ago, but I'm okay with that, I know it will come off with the upcoming runs. Excited to be in my routine again, and anxious to see how long I can stay perfect with my run assignments!

Stay tuned...

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